Water Ingress Causes Toxic Mould

NSW MP Lucy Wicks Calls For National Inquiry Into Mould

By Emily McPherson April 30, 2018 

Two years ago, Federal Liberal MP Lucy Wicks thought she was going a little bit crazy.

All of a sudden she was forgetting simple words and stumbling in her speeches to parliament.

But it wasn’t just her brain. Her whole body seemed to be falling apart too. She had several bouts of pneumonia, developed asthma and was exhausted all the time.

It would be months before the MP for Gosford on the NSW Central Coast connected her mystery illness to an 80m tree that had come crashing through the roof of her home during a storm in April 2015.

The tree caused water damage, and unbeknownst to her, mould had started to grow in hidden pockets of her home. 

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Mould Warning

June 20, 2018

If you’ve ever had black mould in your home – especially during winter – you know how hard it is to get rid of once it has spread. 

But cleaning will be the least of your worries if it puts you in hospital.

Deadly mould from a school classroom made Hayley's daughter so sick that her weight plunged to just four stone. It took doctors three years to figure out why Mariah, 11, was so ill and specialists eventually determined that the dangerous black mould could be the cause. The girl had been exposed to the toxic mould every day she attended school. Speaking to Australia’s 9News , Hayley said: “It was black mould through her carpet, it was on walls, I could smell it from a mile away. ” Mariah was constantly unwell and suffered from severe nausea and her weight dropped dramatically. Her mum added: “Every organ in her body was pretty much inflamed.”  

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Mould Warning Update - National Inquiry To Commence

June 22, 2018

Black mould around the home is unsightly and can smell – but it can also have devastating effects on your health. Lucy Wicks MP - Member for Robertson, successfully lobbied for a parliamentary inquiry into Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS).  Since our report aired, the government has sprung into action, starting with a national inquiry. The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Health, Aged Care and Sport has commenced an Inquiry into Biotoxin-related Illnesses in Australia. 

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Black Toxic Mould - Today Tonight TV Australia 2016

A public (government) housing property in Cessnock, Hunter Valley NSW, has the potentially deadly strain, known as The Black Monster,spreading throughout the entire home.

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