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Smartflo Gutter

All the arrangements of the Smartflo gutter from Smartflo Gutters comply with the Building Code of Australia, however the clipping mechanism for many high fronted gutters prevents either of the first two overflow measures, and the third is being avoided because it exposes the ends of the tiles or roof sheet.

Smartflo gutter being broader than conventional gutters, can be lower at the front, and still mask the ends of the roof sheet or tiles.

Stramit Bat Clip

New regulations for high front roof gutter systems require a substantial gap, typically not less than 10 mm, between a fascia board and the gutter back face as one means of compliance. This is to allow water to overflow between the back of the gutter and the front of the fascia panel, rather than overflow behind the fascia board into a wall cavity, as could occur if there was no gap  

Gutter Grip

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Protect your building against damage from overflowing gutters with Gutter Grip®, a world patented gutter fixing system.
Gutter Grip® is a unique system that complies with the strict Australian Standards and satisfies
the performance requirements of the Building and Plumbing Codes. Gutter Grip® can be used for new or replacement gutters.