Emergency Services Press Release

Police Respond to Hospital Flooding - Gutter Failure (pdf)


SES Respond to Leaking Gutters


Mr Tout said most of the calls were for water entering homes, businesses and fallen trees plus a call to the country club after a solar panel was blown off the building.

“Calls for help were all over town, most of them were due to gutters not handling the amount of water,” he said.

SES Recipe of Disaster also known as Leaking or Damaged Roofs

 Clean your gutters, downpipes and drains regularly to prevent blockages. Blocked gutters means rainwater runs down the walls and can pool on your roof. 

Radio Interview with State Emergency Services (SES)

Heidi Pritchard's radio interview at the Lake Macquarie SES Open Day on 18th April, 2018.

" The vast majority of call outs we get to help people in storms, are for leaking roofs or flooding coming into their homes. When we get there, it's just a blocked gutter or something...."